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Behind the Scenes, or Canvas

Here I'll share information as I discover things on my own journey. I'll cover some facets of art making, as Mixed Media and especially alcohol ink tends to hide behind a lot of mystery. I'll be brief, I'll be silent, and I'll do more showing than telling.

Episode 1

Painting with 24K Gold on top of Alcohol Ink

Here is a quick glimpse at how I 'painted' on glue, before laying down 24k gold. Because this kind of gold is so lightweight, it sticks to everything--especially the varnish on the alcohol ink painting. If you look carefully you can see that talc powder has been laid down before the glue, so that the gold doesn't adhere to the Kamar and UV varnish that protects the alcohol ink. This painting will exhibit at the Laguna Art A Fair in Laguna California during the Summer of 2022.

Episode 2

Alcohol Ink Stains and Layering

Here is a technical view of working with the alcohol ink for this mixed media painting titled "Seagate Drive". I use an airbrush tool as well as a small hair dryer to dry the puddles that run around like wild horses. I worked with stains all over this series--is it a mistake or is it meant to be? I say it's always meant to be.

Episode 3 airing in July 2022

Laguna Art-A-Fair Install Day

I'll cover behind the scenes installation day of The Laguna Art-A-Fair for my own booth. This is one of the bigger art fairs in Southern California, and creating almost 40 new works for the show was no easy task. 

Episode 4 airing in July 2022

Juried Exhibition at City Hall, Laguna Beach CA

I'll cover highlights of the Themed Art Exhibit, which is Environmental Awareness- "Along with being a destination for arts and culture, the City of Laguna Beach strives to serve as a bastion for the preservation of nature and wildlife. Submitted works should emphasize the importance of natural environment and its protection. Meaningful use of repurposed materials is highly encouraged."SO, I did that...

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