and the Broken Series

Christina is an Asian American contemporary artist of Japanese Samurai descent—the Nuki clan of Fukuoka Japan, Nuki being her maiden name. Her Asian aesthetics are a reminder of what her lineage means to her, while embracing the magnetic pull to bring both East and West cultures together in her art making. 


Born and raised in Monterey County of California, a scenic locale favored by many famous painters including the great Zhang Daqien, she is a 4th generation Japanese-American and 1st generation Chinese-American. Her family history is riddled with war, with her great uncle serving in WWII receiving a Purple Heart Medal of Honor during the time when his bride and family lived in a US internment camp. Her father served in the Vietnam War, where he met and married Christina’s mother, additionally allowing for her grandmother and 4 aunts and uncles to emigrate to the US. In Christina’s own life, a year after the Bosnian/Croatian war, she was able to travel to Bosnia and Croatia as an Ambassador of Peace. And on September 11, she witnessed the terrorist attack in New York City as she was residing in Times Square at the time.


Christina paints to find meaning in chaos. All things of this world can break; the economy, the climate, our bodies, and our hearts. War and tragedy are constant. Christina paints about the beauty in brokenness, and the gift in finding strength from our scars or cracks. 


The inspiration for her art is based on Kintsugi—the ancient Japanese tradition of repairing valuable pottery in aristocratic societies. Kintsugi translates to "golden joinery". After welding broken pieces together with liquid gold, the precious vase or pot transformed into something stronger and stood proud to highlight its own scars.


UCLA, Bachelor of Arts

Manhattan School of Music, Master of Music


Grants & Awards 

Monterey County Art Association, 1st Place

Home Savings Bank Young Artist Award, 1st Place


2020 "Women's Work 2020" Ghostwolf Gallery, Albuquerque NM

2020 "Women's Visions and Ventures", The Gallery ABQ

2020 Group Show "Albuquerque Artists" Seasons Old Town Albuquerque


Anderson-Abruzzo International Balloon Museum Shoppe

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